Monday, June 29, 2009

HIS Home Donations

Thank you, thank you to everyone who has donated items for us to bring with us to Haiti. We have a growing formula mountain in our living room. Thank you for your generosity. We currently have 116 lbs. of supplies to bring. We just realized we can also carry on one "personal item" each. That means the total weight we can bring is 360 lbs! Some of that will be taken up with our own clothes/etc., lunch food, and everything our girls will need for a week, but we definately have room for more.
This weekend we were able to attend the HIS Home 10th anniversary picnic in Ohio. It was so good to see Chris and Hal again. Chris said they are in need of socks and underwear for the older kids heading back to school and for medicines. She told us Grace is getting physical therapy on her hands everyday and is using her fingers well to play with toys. She may need surgery when she is 12 or 13 years old as her fingers sit crooked on her hands, but she is able to use them. Grace also is wearing her braces on her legs and in about 2 months time her feet have now turned to the correct position. Even when the braces are removed, her feet stay in place. For now the braces are on 24 hours a day, but when she begins walking she will only have to wear them at night. Yes, I just wrote... WHEN she begins walking. It looks like this will really happen. Daphna is doing great too. As far as the orphanage goes, the rock throwing has stopped and the drainage problem is getting fixed. Since hurricane season has now arrived, this is a very good thing. Thanks to everyone who made donations to financially make these repairs possible.
Please continue to pray for the 123 kids at HIS Home. On July 2 Ronald, a 16 year old, will have heart surgery. He is frightened as he has had a similar surgery before and knows the struggle he has ahead.
This ministry has captured our hearts. We feel blessed to be on this amazing journey. Thanks for joining us on it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Orphanage Needs:

Right now is a critical time for HIS Home financially, as we are realizing the impact of the economic recession in the U.S. This year donations have dropped drastically in our ministry as well as others, while our expenses have soared. We know that God is the Father and provider of these children, and we know He works through the hands of His people. Please pray about how you might help financially to care for HIS kids. Immediate needs are the food budget ($2000 / week), $150 for a CAT scan for Baby Joey, rent due for the boys house ($8500), generator repair for the boy’s house ($5000), staff wages, batteries for the invertors ($5000), and plumbing to install drainage for the torrential rains at the girls home. Neighbors downhill have began attacking the orphanage when the rains come and rain passes across our property onto their land. On 4 occasions in the past month we have been under attack of hired thugs throwing rocks at our girl’s and baby’s home. We have involved the US Embassy and the Haitian National Police in trying to stop the violence, and the mayor’s office is also involved in trying to find a solution. We have been asked to install a drainage system for the rainwater to prevent our waste water mixing with the rain and overflowing onto other properties. We do not have a final estimate for this project yet, but right now our daily operating funds are depleted. Our reserve funds have been used to feed the children and provide for the basic needs of running the homes. Our most immediate need is funding to feed the children. Please feel free to share these needs with others who might also be blessed by helping! We have received donated airline tickets for Hal and I to travel to Ohio to help with the His Home 300, to visit churches, and to raise funds to continue this ministry to the orphaned and abandoned children of Haiti. Our ministry is supported entirely through charitable giving, and donations can be made by checks to HIS Home For Children (mail to address in Ohio), or through PayPal donations made online at our website. We recognize that anytime someone is serving God and bringing souls into the Kingdom, satan will make every attempt to undermine that effort. Scripture tells us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, so we ask you to stand with us in prayer as we keep on keeping’ on caring for HIS children.
Hal and Chris

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Pictures!

We have new pictures of the girls thanks to Amanda, another parent adopting from HIS Home. Daphna is growing out of the baby phase and into a toddler. Grace is wearing her braces and her feet are being turned to the correct position with the metal bar between them. Tonight we reserve the hotel... the dreams of being in Haiti have started already...76 more days!