Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Medical Visa's and such

We talked with Chris in Haiti last night and have started the process of trying to obtain a medical visa for Grace to come to Grand Rapids to begin treatment on her hands and feet. An Orthopedic surgeon at DeVos Children's Hospital has expressed interest in helping us out with treatments, and we are currently pursuing whether our insurance would cover medical expenses for Grace. A couple things to specifically pray for: We could find all the right people who are willing to team with us to get Grace treatment sooner than later. We could find how to pay for this treatment, whether through insurance or doctor and hospital donations. And of course that the American Embassy and Haitian government would allow the visa to happen. There is also some concern that Grace's hands and feet could be indicative of a type of joint and muscle syndrome that could be a lifelong medical issue, so definite prayer that there is not a bigger issue here, and if there is that God would give us all what we need in any circumstances.

Please also be remembering Baby Myriam. She is one of the hydrocephalic babies who had surgery last week to relieve pressure in her head. It turns out that she has disease that is destroying her brain. Her life expectancy is short and alot of pain is expected.

Please also remember the orphange in this time of economic crisis. The reality is that most people will cut giving out of their budget first, and there are real financial needs at the orphange for food and medical care.
Thanks so much for all your prayers, encouragement and support. We certainly feel lifted up.
Geoff, Judy and the kids